What movie holds a special meaning to you?

Movies are such a fascinating form of art. They bring out emotion in all of us, and we all have at least one favorite. As a true blue movie fan, there are so many movies that I hold close to my heart, But two movies stand out.

The first is Titanic. If you were a child of the 90s, you most likely will remember when this film came out. It was the first PG-13 movie I ever saw, and I even got to go to the theater without my parents! It was just me and my friends! What independence we had! I was in 6th grade, so  It was pretty incredible.  I remembering falling in love with Leo, and desperately wishing I was Rose so I could kiss him or wear her incredible wardrobe. I remember covering my face with my hands and sobbing through the last 45 minutes. To this day, I continue to watch the movie on rainy days with a pint of ice cream in hand and a box of tissues close by.

The second movie that I hold dear is Lord of the Rings (let’s just count the trilogy as one). LOTR was the first time I had ever been fully introduced into the fantasy genre. Sure, I grew up watching Disney, but this was something new. Something incredibly exciting! An entire world came out of the mind of one incredible man! I remember going to see the movie with my dad, since he wanted to see it, and being super confused. We discussed it a lot, and he helped me work through the MASSIVE plot. The more I worked at understanding it, the more I fell in love with it. Slightly obsessively. The richness of the characters, and beauty of Middle Earth. I continue to love fantasy, and each year I read the Hobbit with my 8th grade students so they can get a taste of the incredible world Tolkien created for us!

What are some movies that you hold dear? What makes them special? 🙂


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